Whats good y'all? Its Gracie here, welcome to my site! I created this to showcase my individuality, my music taste, style, who I am as a person, and more. The title " S.O.L" has a dual meaning, our soul is our emotional/ intellectual energy something that keeps us going. Music happens to be mine. The Spanish term sol meaning sun is the worlds source energy, it is a symbol of a new day; a reminder to keep going.  Since I can remember music has always been my safe place. Once I discovered  something I can not only relate to but something that is very healing for me, I never turned back. Hip-hop is my specialty but I do enjoy a little bit of everything. Some fun facts about me are I love poetry /spoken word, art, attending concerts, reading books, writing, and Im a Leo( best signs out there). I aspire to be a host for hip-hop news someday so look out for me! Im a supporter of mental health awareness and social justice. I believe every one has a story worth telling and a soul purpose that needs to be full-filled. I hope you enjoy this page as much as I do.

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