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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Watering your soil by Pierre Alex Jeanty

I recently subscribed to one of my favorite authors notifications that get sent to my email and saw that he was giving away FREE E BOOKS. Yeah Free! When I saw this I was of course excited and anxious to see what book It would be. At first I thought it would be one of his best selling books such as "H.E.R" or H.E.R vol. 2" however I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case. Instead it was a book titled "Watering your soil". Now I am a strong believer in divine timing and I am currently going through a period that requires a lot of "watering my own soil". The book to me, is a reinforcement to the importance of investing, helping, caring, healing, and loving yourself. Something many of us forget to do. Speaking for myself I personally tend to invest so much time and energy into relationships whether its romantic, family, friends, work, etc. that they become so draining and most of the time that energy is not reciprocated. Finally I have made the decision to start investing that energy that I was pouring into others into myself, a more secure long term investment. Healing is a very powerful process. Some point In our lives we all experience hurt but not all of us get to heal. Its important for us to understand the root of our pain and allow those feelings to resonate within, even if it makes us feel vulnerable or inferior. Feeling emotions is NOT a sign of weakness, it is in fact a strength. Usually pain makes us feel uncomfortable so we ignore it rather than deal with it. I've realized over the years that poetry helps me tap into those feelings or emotions that I'd rather avoid. Its like saying how I feel without really saying it. This book did that exact thing for me and what chapter I'm currently going through in life. The poetry book consists of 71 pages filed with relatable, real emotions, and experiences. The opening page reads " I wrote this for the flower awaiting the bee, the fighter growing in the sand, the lover planted in concrete, the survivor trying to find roots in water". After reading this I was automatically hooked and I re-read the book twice! Its little things like a book or a song or whatever you connect with that make you feel less lonely in life. I always find it so hard for me to relate to people, so when I can discover things like this it makes me feel more "normal" and I appreciate that. I 10/10 recommend this book and this author you guys should really check him out!

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